Costa Rica Genesis “Sergio Arias” Micro Lot (Red Honey)

Costa Rica Genesis "Sergio Arias" Micro Lot (Red Honey)

Clean bright coffee with some orange blossom and citrus on the finish.

$20.00 — $90.00

Sergio Arias was born in the city of Alajuela. He bought his farm in 1994. The farm is located in the city of Naranjo, within the Alajuela province. At first Sergio faced many challenges such as la Roya, a fungus that eats away at the leaves of the coffee plants. Sergio admits that the most difficult part of being a coffee producer is the uncertainty of coffee prices. In 2016, Sergio decided to explore different processing methods that would improve the quality of the final cup. Now his coffee is purchased as a micro lot with a very distinct cup as a result of the red honey process.

Location: Cirro Arriba Naranjo West Valley
Altitude: 1,300-1,400 mail
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Process: Red process
Drying: Dried on African raised beds
Harvest: December – January
Export: May – June