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Organic Peru La Florida - Fair Trade

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La Florida , is a Cooperative Organization of small coffee farmers, was founded in 1966 with 50 partners, with the purpose of improving its system of commercialization and shortening the chain of intermediation in the local and national market.

At the present time La Florida has 1.200 coffee partners, distributed in each one of the 36 communal groups, integrated by immigrants of the Andean region and native of the Peruvian forest.

During its long history, of more than 40 years, it has been able to overcome to all adverse circumstances: political, management and social, thanks to the union and the good system of communitarian management, based on the knowledge of the duties and rights of each member, and the application of the same ones, in the daily development, making honour to our slogan QUALITY PEOPLE...... QUALITY COFFEE.

Today La Florida is a solid communitarian enterprise, not only because it works to satisfy the world-wide demands with high quality products, but also, by its right political of constant support, in the education and qualification, tools that allow us to be more competitive in the market, each time more demanding, watching a constant growth, and with it to obtain the statement in our vision and mission.