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Black Gold Coffee Roasters

Nepal New Hope Girls' Home

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Black Gold Coffee Roasters is proud to help and support Nepal's  New Hope Girls’ Home.

Every year over 15,000 Nepali girls are kidnapped or sold and taken across the border of Nepal into a life of forced prostitution.

New Hope Ministries rescues girls that are imminently at risk of sexual exploitation. The girls that we rescue are from 5 to 17 years of age. We have been rescuing girls from various places in Nepal, including the Nepalese border. Some of these girls were being trafficked into sex slavery, some were employed at dance bars, and others were imminently at risk for sexual exploitation.

At New Hope Girls’ Home, we provide for everything that will enable these girls to grow happy, healthy and successful. Our girls receive a quality education that will enable them to thrive as adults. With providing for the girls’ mental and physical needs, we also believe in developing the child’s spirit through daily discipleship.

We partner with the local church in: post rescue placement, the local church provides for some of our food needs and gives prayerful and spiritual support for these girls.

We are praying to purchase land that will provide a permanent place where we can minister to up to 50 girls at a time.