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Black Gold Coffee Roasters

Colombia Las Flores Golden Drops

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Location: Huila

Altitude: 1,750 MT

Varietals: Yellow Borbon 

Process: Semi-Washed


Golden Drops, was developed in a 2 step fermentation process, of 24 hours of fermentation in cherry, followed y 48 hours of aerobic fermentation in bags in muscilage, and finished drying on rised beds for an average of 15 days.

Jhoan, is a producer from the San Isidro village, in Huila! Where he works together with his 5 brothers, each with his batch of coffees, within each one they have varieties such as Borbon Amarillo, Castillo, and Caturra. For this coffee, Don Jhoan, together with our ally Cesar, who is a professor in Huila, developed a very particular profile, which consisted of 36 hours of cherry pre-fermentation followed by 48 hours of pulping, and sun-drying in walkers. It is a very spicy coffee, with an intense fragrance, medium body and quite intense notes of Cardamom and honey.