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Black Gold Coffee Roasters

Colombia El Paraiso Bubble Gum

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Location: Caldas

Elevation: 1,900 masl

Varietals:  Caturra

Process: Natural

This coffee has been produced in Caldas and subjected to a process of immersion in water for 48 hours, after going through an anaerobic fermentation process and drying in the sun. The process of immersing it in water gives the coffee complexity and cleanliness. Watermelon, strawberry, and dark chocolate notes.



Cesar is a teacher and academic of profession and has decided to dedicate himself to working with communities and farms in the department of Huila, through his knowledge of microbiological and floristic issues. He has been able to transmit his knowledge and implement it with the Alexander Jimenez farm to produce this pink Bourbon coffee. This is a washed coffee, with a fermentation-based on the PH of the mass of going up to 3.5-3.2 acidity and fresher body, with a fruity that does not overshadow the aromatic characteristic of the variety.