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Black Gold Coffee Roasters, founded by Gary Lauters II, a highly recognized roast master who has spent nearly his entire life dedicated to and focused on coffee and the business that it has become, is truly dedicated to enriching the entire line of people involved in bringing their specially roasted coffee to the lips of the coffee lover in America. This is the basis of the company’s slogan and mantra, “From Tree to Cup.”

Giving back to coffee farmers and growers is central to the Black Gold Coffee Roasters operation. Not only does Black Gold Coffee Roasters pay a fair price to those farmers from whom it buys its beans, we also made a commitment to only buy coffee beans from growers who practice environmentally sound techniques in an effort to help those communities and families build their infrastructure in ways that improve the quality of life for the entire region.

When a consumer enjoys a cup of Black Gold Roasters coffee, they can also be assured that everyone involved in bringing that wonderful taste to them has gained in the process. The company believes that more and more people are recognizing the interconnectedness of the world and its people, and expect businesses to be accountable for actions that affect this inter-connection.

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