Costa Rican Naranjo “Dona Margerita” Honey Processed Micro Lot

Costa Rican Naranjo "Dona Margerita" Honey Processed Micro Lot

Clean, balanced, sweet coffee, with vanilla and caramel notes.

$19.00 — $90.00

Juan Jose and Joaquin Araya are third-generation coffee growers. Their family has been producing coffee on the Dona Margerita farm for over 80 years. The farm, named for their mother, is ten hectares in size and is located in the town of San Juanillo. The honey processing of this coffee was overseen by COOPRONARANJO, where it was dried in the sun on patios. The brothers grow Caturra and Catuai varietals, as well as avocado and durazno, a peach-like fruit. Every year Juan Jose has the soil analyzed. He feels that this helps him to properly fertilize his trees to maximize the quality of his coffee. The brothers realize that the only solution to a low market price is to produce exceptional quality. When asked what message he would like to convey to the consumer, Juan Jose replied: “Anybody who drinks my coffee will love it!”

Location: Naranjo region in the Western Valley
Altitude: 1,585 meters
Varietal: Catuai & Caturra
Process:  Honey
Drying: Patio, sun dried
Harvest: December – March
Export: May – June