Black Gold Coffee Roasters, founded by Gary Lauters II, a highly recognized roast master who has spent nearly his entire life dedicated to and focused on coffee and the business that it has become, is truly dedicated to enriching the entire line of people involved in bringing their specially roasted coffee to the lips of the coffee lover in America. This is the basis of the company’s slogan and mantra, “From Tree to Cup.”

Giving back to coffee farmers and growers is central to the Black Gold Coffee Roasters operation. Not only does Black Gold Coffee Roasters pay a fair price to those farmers from whom it buys its beans, we also made a commitment to only buy coffee beans from growers who practice environmentally sound techniques in an effort to help those communities and families build their infrastructure in ways that improve the quality of life for the entire region.

When a consumer enjoys a cup of Black Gold Roasters coffee, they can also be assured that everyone involved in bringing that wonderful taste to them has gained in the process. The company believes that more and more people are recognizing the interconnectedness of the world and its people, and expect businesses to be accountable for actions that affect this inter-connection.


  • John Johnson on August 20th, 2010

    I started coming to Black Gold, Venice, FL. on day one of opening and I am in love. I said good bye to Starbucks and all other coffee shops. Need to say more? Love the customer service and everything else. YUM!!!!!. Thanks, John Johnson

  • Jason & Sage on August 21st, 2010

    I stopped in for an expresso fix on opening day what a great experience! I mean delicious experience. Gary that French roast that you recommended is so delicious. Thanks, your craft is in every cup and to me it’s worth a three hour drive! See you soon!!

  • Kelvin on September 5th, 2010

    Serendipitously dropped into the cafe this morning and had a nice chat with Gary and a tasty cup of Colombian Supremo before purchasing a pound of Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Mandheling. Looking forward to grinding and French pressing my first pot! All the best on this venture as you pursue excellence in coffee (and your dream)! If you set-up on Twitter, I’ll follow you.

  • Ashley Bodi on September 8th, 2010

    I stopped by the place a few weeks ago after working out and wanted try it out since it was much closer on my route home. Since then I have been in there just about everyday and now have quite a few other people addicted to it as well. Gary and his crew are so welcoming and definitely know how coffee should taste. I haven’t been by Starbucks since this gem opened. I’m a forever fan that’s for sure.

  • linda on October 2nd, 2010

    Stopped in tonight for the first time. The coffee is great, the atmosphere is wonderful. Be sure to stop in and say hi to Gary and BUY coffee and pastries. We need this shop in Venice.

  • C.J. Hatter on October 3rd, 2010

    Nice meeting you today, Gary! LOVE your coffee! I’ll be spreading the word!

  • Michelle on October 7th, 2010

    The only coffee I’ve ever actually LOVED!!!! Awesome place!!

  • Patricia on October 25th, 2010

    Wow! I feel like I’ve struck gold, Black Gold, right here in Venice.
    This is by far, the best cappuccino I have had. I also purchased a Peruvian coffee.
    My friends and husband commented on the quality and smooth taste of this roast.
    While it’s great to be able to order on line. I highly recommend visiting this establishment. Seeing the immensely-large coffee roaster alone is worth the visit alone, not to mention indulging in the “baked on premises” croissants amongst other baked goods. Thank you for openning here! P.S. – Do you have Holiday bows/wraps for gift-giving?

  • Alison on November 3rd, 2010

    LOVE the honey latte and no more Starbucks!

  • Daniel on November 26th, 2010

    OUTSTANDING!!! Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious. I have only tasted about 20% of the menu offerings (each time I am more amazed) but I have had the double soy latte on a regular basis and it is by far the best coffee I have ever tasted. Every sip is smooth and rich and it is truly how coffee should taste. I have tasted coffee in many other countries (Colombia for example). It certainly is UN TINTO (a coffee) the way it should be.

  • Jennifer on November 29th, 2010

    I came in the other day to sample your coffee for the first time. I usually am not that surprised when i get coffee at places other than Starbucks…one cup is normally like the next. But your coffee was OUTSTANDING! It had sweet, caramel overtones (I had an organic blend of unflavored coffee) and it was simply the best coffee I have ever had. Thank you–I’ll be in again soon!

  • matt on December 13th, 2010

    Great atmospheres and even better coffee (esp the ice coffee)

  • Kathie on December 19th, 2010

    Wow! The Kona is out of this world smoooooth!! Thank you Gary for bringing this delight to our little community. I used to be a Gevalia junkie…but no more for now I am hooked on Black Gold.


  • Jessica on January 25th, 2011

    My friend and I went in today for the first time and it was amazing. Food was great and the coffee, well let’s just say that we will not be going to Starbucks anymore for our weekly coffee breaks. Thank you Gary for showing us what you do, and what you do is amazing. See you soon.

  • DJ DR D on February 15th, 2011

    The perfect breakfast sandwich…The bagel, cream cheese and lox. OUT OF THIS WORLD! The doc (DR D) recommends that everyone taste this festival of flavors in their mouth. Don’t be afraid to put the garnish (lemon slice and dill) in the sandwich as well. You will be glad you tried it, I am.

  • Jack Carbone on April 12th, 2011

    We were in Venice on a visit recently. The cafe I usually go to was closed on Sunday so my sister-in-law suggested Black Gold. I’ve got a new favorite whenever I’m back in Venice.

    Wow! I had the best triple espresso I think I ever had. Done perfectly.

    Also had a cup of Colombian…also great.

    I hated to get on the Interstate and drive off.

    Have to order some for home.

  • Otis and Sharon Baker on April 19th, 2011

    Back home in Indiana. Rain, rain, rain. Wanted a “good” sugar free caramel latte and my only option was Starbucks. We really miss your fine service and your charming personalities.

    We will be back the end of June for 2 weeks and you can bet that we will be in for an afternoon treat.

    You guys are the best.


    Sharon Baker

  • Mark on May 7th, 2011

    WOW what can I say ……AWESOME having been in the coffee business for over 15 yrs this place is awesome, coffee is amazing, atmosphere is amazing, Gary and his wife awesome people who really care about their craft, I look forward to spending more time in there shop when I return to Venice in November.

  • Howard and Donna Braunstein on May 15th, 2011

    We are sitting in the kitchen this morning in NY on a rainy day, enjoying our second pot of your black gold roast. We have been back in NY for three weeks and I realized this morning that we are down to our last two pounds- and it definately time to order more. I have noticed that there is NEVER any leftover coffee in the pot anymore in our home- our son Danny has become quite the coffee drinker since we have started brewing Black Gold at home! What an amazing jewel you have created in Venice. You are certainly part of what we look forward to when we return to our condo in Burnt Store! We wish you continued success! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Regards, Howard and Donna

  • Tony Plummer on May 15th, 2011

    We are now serving Black Gold Coffee at our church on Sunday mornings (Grace Community Bible Church). We love it! We are so thankful we have Black Gold Roasters right here in town. Thanks Gary, keep it up, you are appreciated!

  • Ron LaRocque on July 10th, 2011

    Gary, meant to write earlier, wanted to thank you all for the great service, great coffee and great food. Much success with your business it is sure a great thing for Venice! Will be back when in town.

  • Sandi Tresh on September 27th, 2011

    I have been telling everyone about your shop – the first thing I do is bring my new clients in for coffee – absolutely the best in Venice. All the best to you.

  • Matthew Shipley on April 10th, 2012

    Thanks Gary and the staff for the lattes over the last few weeks; you became a morning tradition in our house! Until next time – 3 skim, 1 skim caramel, 1 reg, 1 soy, 1 soy decaf, all to go…and an espresso while we wait…

  • Joe Berrios on April 18th, 2012

    I can honestly say Black Gold Roasters is by far the best coffee I have ever had! Coffee roasted every Saturday so you are guaranteed a fresh cup of coffee, the BG Freeze makes that other company’s frozen drink taste like garbage! I had the misfortune of being in Tampa with the family and they wanted frozen coffee drink we went to that other company and it was funny that my brother looked at me and said this is NOTHING compared to BG freeze! I have to agree! Where can you get a Banana’s Fosters frozen or hot coffee?? Black Gold Roasters! And to make things even better, the owner and staff are so friendly, not just a number! Gary and staff, thank you for opening my eyes to how coffee should taste!
    Oh, I forgot… They have a nice food menu and sweets to die for! So find your way… TODAY!

  • Jean Gottlieb on August 4th, 2012

    When I’m not in Venice, I order Black Gold beans online and have them shipped to me because I can’t drink any other coffee! One taste and you will say the same. Black Gold is simply the best.

  • Don Erickson on September 13th, 2012

    Hi Gary, Sorry to say I had to move to NY State, but still consider me a faithful customer of the best coffee around :) I just ordered a pound of the Yirgacheffe!!

  • LInda Perry on November 14th, 2012

    Best coffee ever cant wait to get it home to have some more. Thanks for your help

  • Kyle Hood on June 20th, 2014

    The coffee here is the best I’ve ever had, and the people working here are friendly, helpful, and really know coffee inside and out. It’s been a while since I ordered and I’ve been dreaming about the Sidamo for weeks. I just ordered 5 pounds and can’t wait to get it.

  • erin on August 6th, 2014

    great coffee, tasty treats, and excellent service!

  • Amy Braue on August 19th, 2014

    Hey Gary! It’s Amy from Detroit. Finally ordering coffee from you. I can’t stop thinking about the honey bee or island crack since I got home. Next time Elysha and Phil come in, tell them said HI! WE LOVE YOU GARY! :)

    P.S. The coffee tour was the best.

  • Josh Gold on December 30th, 2014

    The company I work for has been purchasing coffee from Black Gold now for over 1 year and we could not be more pleased with the quality and service offered. Highly recommend!!

  • Dewey Sherman III on February 12th, 2015

    I live in Wisconsin; a family member of mine was recently vacationing in Florida and visited your Venice, FL coffee shop. I received a bag of Organic Guatemalan beans as a thank you for dog sitting for him. I owe a special thank you to the coffee roaster because these are the best beans I have ever tasted!!! I was even happier to know that this roaster cares about the growers and the environment as much as he cares about coffee flavor. Thank you from a VERY happy customer.

  • Tim Andrews on March 3rd, 2015

    I cannot drink Starbucks after finding Black Gold. We visited the Venice FL area Feb/2015 and stopped by Black Gold. After the first cup, my long-term relationship with Starbucks was ruined. I am on-line right now getting ready to order 10 lbs, 5 decaf for wife and 5 of the Black Blend for me.

  • Shelley on October 8th, 2015

    Still the best coffee anywhere! We are really looking forward to our fundraising to get our remodel done so we can open the coffee house in our art center. Then we can spoil Clearwater with your coffee!

  • Mary Davis on November 24th, 2015

    Hi Gary!

    It’s the slightly crazy lady from the hotel @ the Syracuse Airport that tells everyone heading within 100 miles of you the name and address to get the worlds best coffee available within the four corners of our country. The second my mortgage is gone I will be snowbirding. And that will mark the true coffee happiness in my life. I’m just getting another bag and it’s awesome reading the “Starbucks-no-more” comments!!! I am among those guests… NoMoSB… 😊.

    I wish you had 1/4 lb bag collections to sell for gifts. I would totally pick up some for gifts to get others hooked-

    Deep deep respect, mad love-
    Mary Davis

  • Guy A. Gottschalk on February 26th, 2016

    As a recovering Oren’s Daily Roast user, I can’t say enough about Gary and all of his associates at Black Gold Coffee Roasters. Some years ago, I asked Gary to make up a custom blend for me. He was happy to oblige, and I’ve been ordering Guy’s Special Organic Blend ever since. Recently, I learned that it’s also available decaffeinated, by the name of Fool’s Gold. Either way, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Gary!

    Guy A. Gottschalk, a Wisconsin Badger in Venice

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